About us

Kansai Gallery Map is launching in July 2018 by the solidarity of contemporary art galleries in Osaka on the occasion of ART OSAKA’s 15th anniversary. It aims to promote the contemporary art market and revitalize the contemporary art scene in the Kansai region. For the website launch in July 2017, there will be 26 galleries participating.
The map will provide useful and exciting gallery information to contemporary art lovers, visiting Osaka from abroad and outside of the Kansai region.

How to Use

If you would like to see your current location on the map, please go to the settings in your phone to allow the map to access your location information.

For those who wish to publish information on the website.

We primarily introduce contemporary art galleries on this website. We also introduce selected publically opened art spaces, such as cafes and shops, dealing with contemporary art.
Please note that ART OSAKA Office makes the final decision of the website contents.
Please contact us for more details.


Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Japan
ART OSAKA Organizing Office

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